percentile per‧cen‧tile [pəˈsentaɪl ǁ pər-] noun [countable] STATISTICS
one hundredth of a set of things or people, arranged in order on a scale:

• Our employees' pay is at the 90th percentile of that offered by similar companies (= it is higher than the pay offered by 90% of similar companies ) .

— see also decile, median, quartile

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percentile UK US /pəˈsentaɪl/ noun [C]
GRAPHS & CHARTS, MEASURES one of the 100 equal parts that a set of people or things is divided into, when you are comparing a particular characteristic relating to them: »

His salary put him in the 75th percentile of chief executives.


The investment fund is ranked in the top fourth percentile in its category.

See also DECILE(Cf. ↑decile), MEDIAN(Cf. ↑median) noun, QUARTILE(Cf. ↑quartile)

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